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Double Dungeons

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Test level

Enter AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as the level name to begin at level 1 with all stats set to 0. You will be able to explore freely without running into any monsters except for a single snake in the back of the dungeon.

Level 22 (Start)

To begin at the start of level 22, enter 2R3KD4RG0J9D3YT0664LJ as your password.

Level 22 (final Boss)

To begin at the final boss of level 22, enter YNzYSMChriGIgLV-ihOdfCGe or cHR0EScxgoAqiky7ihOfeBGe as your password.

Invincibility for player 2

To make player 2 invincible, enter any valid password for player 1, then enter KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK as the password for player 2.

Level 45 character

For a level 45 character, start a new game in one or two player mode and select a dungeon. Immediately press Run when game play begins to display the current password. Replace characters 10 through 14 in a one-player password with NNNb. For a two-player password, replace characters 34 through 38 with the same sequence. Reset the game and enter the modified password to begin game play.

65535 HP

For 65535 HP, enter Player01 or Player02 as your password, with the remaining password characters filled with + or - characters.

Hint: Pass up enemies

If you reach an enemy that you cannot defeat, turn rapidly back and forth while pressing Attack and holding Forward. If done correctly, you will walk right over the enemy.

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