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Super weapon

For the super weapon, collect the following power-ups in order, then intentionally lose all shields: Red, Blue, Green, Green, Yellow, Red. Collecting Shield or Invincibility power-ups will not spoil activation of the code.

Unlimited continues

For unlimited continues, hold I, II and Select and press Run at the title screen or at the "Game Over" screen.

Resume reset game

Reset the game, then hold I, II and Select and press Run at the title screen to resume game play at the last level played.

Cheat mode

For cheat mode, hold Left and press Select at the title screen to display the password prompt, then enter one of the following passwords and press I to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Cheat functionInstructions
Full laserEnter MIDORI as your password.
Free hitEnter EIKOCHAN as your password.
View ending sequenceEnter SARA as your password.
Enable music and soundEnter OTOON as your password.
Disable music and soundEnter OTOOFF as your password.
InvincibilityEnter MIKARIN as your password.
Arcade modeEnter MAKIRIN as your password.
Sound testEnter SCSI as your password.
Color bardEnter IRO as your password.
Easy modeEnter YANDI as your password.
Hard modeEnter YANDI as your password, then press I, Run.
Full red power-upEnter AMI as your password.
Full blue power-upEnter RIE as your password.
Full green power-upEnter NAOMI as your password.
Full orange power-upEnter HIDORI as your password.
Higher difficultyEnter HIGEPIN as your password.

Level passwords

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