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Killer Bees!

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To become invincible, press 2 or 6, then Reset. Now release Reset, then release 2 or 6. Your bees will be invincible but scoring will be disabled.

Slow Motion

To play the game in slow motion, press 1 or 5, then Reset. Now release Reset, then release 1 or 5. Scoring will be disabled during slow-motion mode.

The Voice Sound Effects

Press 3 or 7 and push the Directional Stick.

Hidden Messages

Press ? Then Reset. Now release Reset, then release ? And this message will appear: "Bees by ROSHA". On the high score screen, press one of the following buttons to see the initials of the Odyssey 2 team:

ButtonInitials that will display
+RLC (Robert L. Cheezem)
-SRO (Sam R. Overton)
*JMB (Jim M. Butler)
/AWP (Alan W. Pearson)
.REX (Rex Battenberg)
?RSH (Robert S. Harris)
=Displays a 3-digit code made from the numbers of your score.
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