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Hint: Quick Neopoints

For some quick Neopoints, set the time to 11:59 p.m. and wait one minute. The game will be tricked into believing a new day has arrived and will award new Neopoints from the games and the trophies, and to refill the shop without having to sleep until the next day. After you do this, change the time and date back to their original settings.

Hint: Easy money

For some easy money, neglect your Neopet for a day. The game will award you free money.

Glitch: Strange Neopet

For a strange Neopet, you need to own a deluxe Pocket Neopet and only adopt one or two Neopets. Place the 3D figure of a Neopet you have not adopted. When it asks you for adoption, say "Yes". Without naming your Neopet, take out the figure and replace it. Then, say "No" when it asks you for adoption. You should have the Neopet that you have not adopted yet on the screen. Its name is "AAAAAAAAA", it likes to eat and its greeting is friendly. Its levels are down to 0 and you won't have any Neopoints. Insert a Neopet you have already adopted and that glitched Neopet will vanish from the system.

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