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Hint: Move hit square anywhere

To move your hit square anywhere, insert Cyber Sword as fast as possible when in a battle and it says "Insert Chip". When it says "Is this chip OK?", answer "No" and repeat the process, but on the second time answer "Yes". You will then be able to move your hit square onto any square desired. Normally, you can only go along the left side.

Hint: Glitch chip

If you get into a battle with bad chips, there is a way to make a glitch chip. Only insert the chip in halfway, so the reader reads only half of the barcode. By doing this, it may change about 95% of the time.

Hint: Battle chip replacement

You can use a coin the size of a United States quarter to replace a battle chip. Make sure the coin is clean before doing this.

Hint: Never lose a battle

To never lose a battle in a Tour or Virus battle, if you think you are going to lose, hold Left Button for five to ten seconds. Mega Man will shut off, and if done correctly, when you turn him back on he will not have lost. Note: You must hold Left again when you want to turn him back on.

Hint: Loosen the shaker

To loosen the shaker, put the Mega Man P.E.T. in the freezer for a few seconds. You will get battles a lot faster.

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