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Level select

For a level select, successfully complete the game with any Digimon.

100 foot transport

For 100 foot transport, play the card game and land on two Digidestined.

200 foot transport

For 200 foot transport, play the card game and land on two of the same Digidestined.

Party DM

For Party DM, repeatedly press A when you see a fading Digimon to see if you can rescue it.

Hint: Digi-Eggs

After reaching the characters that give you the Digi-Eggs, you will see another place's steps on the map. Exit the town where the characters that have you the Digi-Eggs were and it will be available again. Go into it and they will give you D-Power and another Digi-Egg. You can get all but two of the Digi-Eggs this way.

Hint: Ancient Beetlemon

Go to "vs. Battle", then connect and fight. If you want Ancient Beetlemon, summon the two Thunder Spirits. Press the Top and Middle button to summon a spirit. In round 1, summon one of the Thunders, then in round 2, summon the other Thunder. In round 3, you will get Ancient Beetlemon. He will win with one hit and your enemy will lose. Now, go to Ancients and he will be there. He is the strongest Ancient and his Energy, AB, Crush, and Life are 300 each. If you want to do this again, summon the two Thunder Spirits.

Hint: Defeating the last Boss

To defeat the last Boss, keep doing Crush. When he Digivolves, do Ability. When he Digivolves again, do Energy and you will have completed the game.

Hint: More attacks and damage

When you put these Digimon in the order of your D-Dock, they will be able to do more attacks and more damage:

  1. Guilmon
  2. Vegiemon
  3. Mushroomon
  4. Terriermon
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