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D-Tector Digivice

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Digimon Digi-Digits

DT 166 Petaldramon02G7O
DT-16 MetalGreymon04JWG
Ancient Mermaimon09AOE
DT-36 Kunemon0RO8X
Ancient Beetmon0VM86
DT-51 MarineDevimon0VN87
DT-55 Imperialdramon13LZQ
DT 164 Gigasmon1AXFH
DT-62 Seriphimon1QM5W
DT 167 Mercurymon1SWAL
DT-02 Gabumon20LJY
Toy Agumon2BWID
DT 169 Lanamon2WKLS
Ebonwumon or Zhuqiaomon36ZLW
DT-04 Gotsumon412L1
DT-33 Veemon4143F
DT-88 Veemon4143F
DT-70 BurningGreymon4BLV5
DT-135 Rockmon4CCYX
DT-137 Snimon4UEK3
DT-45 Gesomon5COSA
DT-41 Gargomon5HQZ2
DT-96 Gargomon5HQZ2
DT-68 Beetlemon5ZG51
DT-125 AncientBeetmon5ZG51 or WYW0Z
DT-29 Phoenixmon66CJ8
DT-196 Susanomon6ZF3J
DT-72 Korikakumon73U38
DT-57 MegaGargomon85MPP
DT-39 Exveemon8D50N
DT-94 Exveemon8D50N
DT-42 Frigimon8FEUJ
DT-12 Deputymon8PBH0
DT-110 Grankuagamon8R2MH
DT-56 GranKuwagamon8RZMH
DT-11 KuwagamonAHRZ7
DT-17 WereGarurumonAMUFE
DT-25 MetalGarurumonAPAT4
DT-67 KumamonBRU2R
DT-124 AncientMegatheriummonBRU2R or 73U38
DT-66 LobomonBSWQ0
DT-123 AncientGarurumonBSWQ0 or O41FA
DT-167 MercurymonC3VVL
DT-128 PatamonC4RWQ
Ancient MegaTheruimonD8SC6
DT-40 StingmonDIPX2
DT-58 MachinedramonDXOA7
DT-21 OrochimonDYL0C
DT-37 MushroomonE2T3R
DT-30 OphanimonFJ3ON
DT-134 KurisarumonFPCL6
DT-64 Beezlemon (Bluster Mode)FV5V7
DT-47 VegiemonG1SEF
DT-24 WarGreymonGY3ST
DT-44 LeomonHCKP4
DT-97 LeomonHCKP4
DT 467 Ancient GreymonHY3YU
DT-26 GallantmonIAOTG
DT-50 RapidmonJQEZW
DT-27 BlackWarGreymonJZPM4
DT-65 AgnimonK0AS7
DT-69 KazemonKDOQG
DT-126 AncientIrismonKDOQG or O2HRF
DT-163 GrumblemonKFSIH
DT-43 OgremonKJKD7
DT-122 AncientGreymonKOAS7 or 4BLV5
DT-49 DinoBeemonKWSRZ
DT 168 SephirothmonLCUTS
DT-03 GuilmonLZ65T
DT-28 JustimonM5T8R
DT-60 MarineAngemonMKGMV
DT-35 TerriermonN6X0X
DT-23 CyberdramonNQNX4
DT-63 Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode)NVW6L
DT-74 ZephyrmonO2HRF or O2HRP
DT-71 KendoGarurumonO41FA
DT-34 WormmonO71PD
DT-09 GrowlmonODW1T
DT-22 KimeramonOKRAB
DT-19 EtemonONVUQ
DT-06 GizamonP3MUD
DT-53 ArukenimonPKDLG
DT-10 ShellmonPU3E3
Zhuqiaomon or EbonwumonQBHBZ
DT 170 CalmaramonQIRHA
DT-18 WarGrowlmonRM4VI
DT-05 KokuwamonRMK2O
DT-61 GulfmonRR7PP
Ancient SphinxmonSI3IG
DT-14 ThundermonSLNO8
DT-07 GreymonSPLNE
DT-91 GreymonSPLNE
DT-48 PaildramonT601A
DT-102 PaildramonT601A
DT-198 Ancient GarurumonUMMNJ
DT-32 Gallantmon (CM)UUZRG
DT-141 InfermonUZSKK
DT-54 MephistomonVI0GQ
DT-15 StarmonVPPQ1
DT-01 or DT-85 AgumonVSJK1
Ancient TrojamonWGC6J
DT-20 SkullGreymonWH0KF
DT-13 NumemonWH5A4
DT 165 ArbormonWSSXL
DT-73 MetalKabuterimonWYW0Z
Ancient VolcamonX3O2M
DT-08 GarurumonXB6CB
DT-92 GarurumonXB6CB
Ancient WisemonXJABW
Ancient IrismonXTIU4
DT-38 ElecmonY2KI6
DT-59 GoldramonYF3IR
DT-31 OmnimonYGELU
DT-52 MummymonZAHWP
DT-46 NanimonZBBWZ

Disable sound

To disable sound, press the two buttons at the bottom of the Digivice simultaneously.

Hint: Diabloriamon

Complete the entire game and you will get Koiji. Start over with him, then, at the final level, use his spirit, KaiserLeomon. You have to lose this match and continue to lose until you only have KaiserLeomon remaining as your spirit. Fight him once more and lose KaiserLeomon. Then, fight him again. Instead, go to Digi-Digits then enter G08F4. It will show a blurry Digimon. This will defeat the final boss in one hit. You will get all your spirits back, the secret Digimon Diabloriamon, and will be able to play as Digimon. It will show all the people again at the start, but the screen says "Digi-Database" and "Pick a Digimon".

Hint: HoppingRockmon

To get the secret character, Hoppingrockmon, you must do the following, in order:

  1. Complete the game and start with Koiji.
  2. Reach the final boss again, then enter the code 4CCYX before fighting the final boss. This will give you a normal Rockmon
  3. Fight the final boss. Normally, Digimon cannot hurt the final boss, but this Rockmon can, so use it in the battle with the final boss.
  4. Select "Digivolve". The Rockmon will digivolve into HoppingRockmon (a black Rockmon). All his attacks have to do with jumping.
  5. The game will automatically restart (this is likelt yo be a glitch). You will have all of your stats, etc. in tact, but you will get a new ultimate Digimon - HoppingRockmon.

HoppingRockmon's stats are as follows:

Once you have HoppingRockmon, he will now have a code (F2JK7). Note: The F2JK7 code will only work once you get the HoppingRockmon.

Hint: Escape Data Storm

To escape a Data Storm, press pressing B and shake.

Hint: Speed Runner

When starting Speed Runner, you can hold the Side Button to slow you down so that it is easier, but you will not get as many points. Hold it when it becomes fast, but when you have one rectangle (at the left side). Do not cheat.

Hint: Restore Spirit Energy

When you are out of Spirit Energy, go to camp mode, then leave it for a half hour, but keep shaking. Your Spirit Energy will be back to 99.

Hint: New Spirits

To get new spirits, you have to defeat a boss. Play the speeder game to get your distance down to 1 and a boss will challenge you. Defeat the boss to receive a spirit.

Hint: Spirits

To be able to use certain spirits, you must have a friend with you. He will then transform into a Spirit Digimon.

Hint: Easy escape from Data Storm

To easily escape from a Data Storm, wait until the first victim of the Sand Storm appears. If it is your person (the one selected when starting the Digivice), then you can just watch him run. No matter what, your person will always escape the Data Storm, but only if you are the first victim of the Data Storm.

Hint: Easy connect battle wins

For easy wins, press A, B, then C repeatedly until you win.

Hint: Scanning Action

This is named "Practice" on the version 1 D-Tector. The Scanning Action mini-game requires you to enter in a motion sensor code in order to correlate your Digimon's attacks to play the weaknesses of the Digi-box. When you start the game, it will show the Digi-box, then it will summon a random Digimon from one of your four D-Docks. The attack needed to destroy the box will flash next (Ability, Energy, Crush). You must enter the motion sensor code by using the D-Tector's motion sensor to correspond with the attack needed (motion means that you must activate the motion sensor on the LED pulse, and LED pulse means that you must not enter any motions):

If you succeed in destroying the box, the result will yield one of the following:

If you fail in destroying the box, the penalty will yield one of the following:

Hint: Digi-Searcher

The Digi-Searcher enables you to use the D-Tector's motion sensor to scan a television, or any other object, to activate a random event. To use the Digi-Searcher, hold up your D-Tector about 2.5 cm (about 1 inch) from the object you wish to scan. Hold the Motion Sensor Button. Using the Digi-Searcher might yield one of the following results:

Boss stats

Boss stats are revealed when you complete the game, as shown below:

Boss nameTypeHealthEnergyCrushAbility
Kerpymon (Fake Cherubimon - white)Gold230190200195
Kerpymon (Real Cherubimon - black)Dark230210210210
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