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Power Attack, Speed, and Sniper

To use Power Attack in a fight, swipe the card slowly. For Speed, swipe the card normally. For Sniper Attack, swipe the card fast.

Faster movement

For faster movement, move the D-power up and down gently. If you move it too fast it will count less steps.

Select a Digimon (U.S. version)

When you want a different Digimon level, but do not want to change your area, go to vs. battle and choose the Digimon that you want. When it says "Swipe A Card", press the Top Button and Bottom Button alternately. When you go back to the main screen, your Digimon will be the one you selected.

Hint :Escaping Impmon

When Impmon or Makuramon (the monkey) appear and try to take your Digimon, repeatedly tap the Bottom Button. If you get three or more blast pictures, shake as much as you can. If this works, your Digimon should escape unharmed about 70% of the time.

Hint: Avoid getting Impmon or the monkey

When you see that there are "?" icons on the screen, press the Confirm Button then quickly press all four buttons at once repeatedly. Quite often it comes up with a card place.

Hint: Avoid getting hit

To avoid getting hit in battle, repeatedly tap the Bottom Button if your opponent attacks first. If successful it will come up with "BATTLE CARD". Press the Bottom Button to confirm. Be very quick with this, otherwise the enemy's attack will hit. When "BATTLE CARD" appears, confirm and pick a card to use. Swipe your card and, if successful, one of these three things will happen - an attack will be launched, life will be raised or it will try to dodge the enemy's attack.

Hint: Using a different card

If you have lost your blue card, you can swipe a playing card or anything else that is like a card in place of it. Alternatively, press the Top Button instead of swiping a card.

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