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Unlock everything

To unlock everything, you will first need the following:


  1. Using Root Explorer (or similar), back up the "jesus.dat" file located in the root files of your phone at "<root of phone>/data/data/com.com2us.HB3D/" by copying and pasting it somewhere on your SD card. Back up this file in the same vent you decide to restore your saved game back to the original.
  2. Go into your game and use all of your Gold Balls to purchase anything that you do not already have.
  3. Log into the Match-up Server and log into any Channel. Note: with version 1.4.0, this step saves your items that you have onto the Com2Us servers.
  4. While you are in the channel, save at least 20 rivals onto your rival list to get an extra 500 Gold Balls each time you reset (this is explained later).
  5. Shut the game down.
  6. Now that all of your items are saved on the Com2Us server, use Root Explorer (or similar) to delete your "jesus.dat" file.
  7. Go back into Homerun Battle 3D.
  8. Go through the tutorials as you did when you first installed the game.
  9. When you are on the home screen of the game, tap Rank and let it connect to the server (this is an important step as it loads your nickname and some of your statistics, giving you achievement rewards on the next step).
  10. Select Play, and Log Onto The Matchup Server
  11. Log into any channel. Once the channel loads, you will receive some Gold Balls ranging from 1000 to over 3000, depending on your previous achievements and online match-up records (this is the reason why you should have at least 20 rivals saved, in order to get the "Celebrity" achievement). This step will also unlock all of the gears that you have previously owned.
  12. Log off the server.
  13. With the Gold Balls you have just received, purchase any equipment that you do not already have. You can still have Gold Balls remaining.
  14. After you have made your purchases, once again log into the match-up server and log into any channel. This saves your gear onto the Com2Us server.
  15. Exit the game and repeat the above steps from number 6 (deleting the "jesus.dat" file) until you have everything. Note: You may not have enough to buy some of the more expensive items, depending on your previous achievements, but if you complete a few more easy achievements, you can increase your chances if gaining more Gold Balls using this process.

Remember to log into a match-up channel to save your items. If you are just starting the game and have no achievements, you must play the game a little to receive a few achievements before this process will work. The best achievements to receive are the ones that use online match-ups because these are the ones that are often saved to the Com2Us servers. This is also useful if you want to change your nickname without charge.

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