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Freak-out mode

At the continue screen, wait until the first beep is heard, then hold Up and Option 1 while "9" appears on the countdown timer. Continue to hold the buttons at the "Game Over" and demonstration screens. This cheat can also be activated by holding Option and Up before the title screen appears. A demonstration mode with cycling colours and a new song will begin. Use the directional pad to play game sounds. Repeatedly tap Down and Left to lower the pitch of the sound. Repeatedly tap Up and Right to raise the pitch of the sound.

View the development team

After the screen fades to black just before the continue screen appears, hold Up and Option 1 and continue to hold the buttons through the countdown sequence. A white dot will appear in the centre of the screen after the countdown. Rapidly tap A, B (or sweep the Directional Pad) to magnify the dot to reveal a picture of the development team.

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