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Crystal Castles

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Level Warps & Extra Lives

There are 3 warps in this game, each will take you 2 levels ahead and leave you with 4 lives.

Warp 1Go behind the palace on the upper-right corner of the first board. Jump and you'll be taken to level 3.
Warp 2In level 3, get the hat, then run to an elevator. Now, at the back corner of the hidden ramp, jump before the hat expires and you'll go to level 5.
Warp 3On the third screen of level 5, move to the upper-left corner and jump, you will then go to level 7.

Hidden Messages

To see the first hidden message, jump 100 times in the front corner of the first maze (you may lose some lives doing this). Now, clear the maze of gems and the word "ATARI" will appear on the screen at the start of level 2. The second hidden message can be seen on level 5 if you grab the hat then enter the large door where Bethilda is. Run over her then head to the corner of the room (where Bethilda was) then jump. You'll then see the initials "FXL" on the screen, which stands for Frank Lanziger, one of the game designers.

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