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11th Hour, The

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Ending bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Open House" file. Load it to be able to play any puzzle an unlimited number of times.

Kaleidoscope screensaver

Start the game and go anywhere in the mansion. Remain idle and eventually the colours on the screen at that time will blend together as a screensaver. It is different from every viewpoint in the mansion.

Hidden video

Go to the television In Dutton's room at a point where you can see the close-up view. Type Kellyn to see a hidden video.

Mocking cheaters

In "The 7th Guest", typing Zaphod Beeblebrox gave you open house access. Doing this in "The 11th Hour" will only cause Stuaf to mock you.

Myst reference

Get to a point in the game where you have access to the altar room. There will be a bowl at the side that you can click. There is a page sticking out among the bones that says "Missed". This is an obvious reference to "Myst" and pages, the game that some said "The 7th Guest" was trying to mimic.

Advance in game

Go to the skull load-in screen. Type the following case-sensitive text, with spaces as noted: Roberto Dan R Zaphod B [Space]. After you type Roberto, Stauf will say, " Duh.... that's not it Karl!". Ignore him as he is trying to trick you. After the B, type [Space], then any of the following letters to get to that point in the game:

AEnd of disc one.
SEnd of disc two.
DEnd of disc three.
FEnd of disc four.
EThe "Olive In Stein" riddle, good for using the Kellyn code.
GThe very end, at the "Let's Make A Real Deal" intermission sequence.
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