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Infinite Mike Usage

Defeat the Boss, and then use the last Mike to hit the bonus plunger or piece of the star rod. Just before the star pad is hit, play the third song on your Mike. If this is done correctly, you will notice a glitch on the screen for a moment and then you will have unlimited Mike usage.

In-game Reset

Press A, B, Select and Start during game play to reset the game.

Bonus Games

Successfully complete the game and then save the game. An option to play the bonus games will appear when you select that saved game from the title screen.

Extra Game

Successfully complete the game with a 100% rating to gain access to the Extra Game.

Sound Test

Successfully complete the "Extra Game" to have access to the sound test.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite EnergySZEPSVSE
Begin the game with more EnergyYKNZZNYX
Begin the game with less EnergyYONZZNYX
Begin the game with 9 livesAEVXIYGE
Begin the game with 2 livesPEVXIYGA
Begin the game with 17 livesAOVXIYGA
Gain full energy from pep drinksYZKLLXAE
Gain more energy from pep drinksAPKLLXAA
Gain less energy from pep drinksZAKLLXAA

Easter Egg: Hidden initials

In world 1 level 2, grab any power and find the Warp Star. Walk away from it so it is just out of view, then release your power with the Select button. The warp star will be gone and you can walk to the end of the level, where "HAL" will appear.

Hint: Alternative ending

Successfully complete the regular game to view the ending credits. Then, defeat all of the bosses in "Vs. Boss" mode at the "Bonus Games" screen. When the ending sequence appears, it will be the same, except Kirby will keep making mistakes.

Glitch: Yellow Kirby

Go to a Warp Star Station in any level with the Fireball power and use the Fireball power to dash onto a star. Kirby will become yellow until he crashes on a star.

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