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Earth Bound

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Hint Easy money

For some easy money, go to the fountain and use Telepathy. An old man will appear, acting like an ATM.

Hint: Red Guard's password

To get past the Red Guard, use Telepathy when near him. The answer will be "Crocodile", and he will let you pass.

Hint: Defeating the dragon

To defeat the dragon in Magicant, use the rope for an easier fight. He almost always stays bound for over 6 turns.

Hint: Air Gun

To locate the Air Gun for the weakling, head to Youngtown and go to the empty church. Start moving north-east and you will see a little kid. Keep moving to find two buildings; one is a hotel and the other is a general store. Enter the store and buy the Air Gun for 1200 dollars.

Hint: Magic Candy

To get a magic candy for the weakling, which raises his status, talk to the cat swimming in water as soon as you get to Magicant. You must have the weakling in your party to do this.

Hint: Onyx Hook

To get the Onyx Hook, head to the east of Magicant after meeting the Queen. Walk on top of the holes found there. One of these holes transports you to the dungeon containing the exit to Magicant. To reach the bottom floor, move right, left, left, then right. Once on the bottom floor, you will see a sleeping dragon. Towards the right of the dragon is a hole. Drop into this hole to fight an enemy named "Fish". After defeating Fish, you will receive the Onyx Hook. Whenever needed, you can use this item to return to Magicant.

Hint: Ribbon Armour

To get the Ribbon Armor for the girl, use Telepathy next to the cat that swims in the ground. You must have the girl in your party for this to work.

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