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Devil's Crush

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Sound test

For a sound test, press Run, Select during game play to display the high score screen, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, then I. Use I and II to play and stop the sound selections.

Sound mode

For sound mode, pause the game, then press Up, Right, then Down.

Unlimited balls

For unlimited balls, enter AAAAAAHAAA or PPPPPPPPPA as your password.

Extra balls

For extra balls, enter NAXATSOFT1 as your password.

Extra balls and points

For 6 balls and 955 719 100 points, enter DEVILSATAN as your password.

View ending sequence

To view the ending sequence, enter DAVIDWHITE, FFFFFFFEEE, or THECRUSHEL as your password.

Two-player mode with extra balls

Enter AAAAAAAAAAAAAAABCE as your password for a two-player game with unlimited balls for player 1 and 32 balls for player 2.

Make your own code

To make your own code, put in random characters or words, but modify the last character by testing each letter of the alphabet. For example, codes like DFVHRESE, DFVHRESF, or DFVHRESG won't work, but DFVHRESH will. Most codes lead to a game finish, but some codes will give you several million points and many balls.

View current password

To view the current password, pause the game, then press Select to display the score screen. Press I to display the current password..


Complete one of the following tasks to collect the corresponding bonus:

Blue ballComplete any bonus stage.
Pink ballSend ball through a tower after destroying all except one of the tower guards
2 000 000 pointsSend the ball into the crown without touching the slime roulette when putting it into play.
100 000 000 pointsGet the face to the last stage with your bonus tip points between 60 and 69, and have the bonus multiplier at 9.
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