Released around 1992, the Barcode Battler was part of a Japanese craze of Barcode games. The device is similar to the Datach Joint ROM System for Nintendo Famicom in that you insert a barcode into the machine and it is scanned. The code is then converted into a character who is then put into battle. Some barcodes will produce a powerful character, others will produce a weak character - you\'ll never know until you scan the barcode.

The system does not have interchangeable games - it is the barcodes that provide the variation of play. The system comes with a few barcode cards to get you started, but you can scan almost any barcode from any product you buy and it will produce something.

Barcode Battler was made by a number of different companies in different parts of the world. These companies include Epoch, Irwin, Ertyl and Tomy. It was released in Japan, France, Germany, USA and other places but was most popular in Japan.

Barcode Battler Technical Specifications

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